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Sungai Petani Car Rental - DNZ Group


Welcome to Sungai Petani

Sungai Petani is one of the fastest growing cities in Kedah. Various attractions are available in Sungai Petani and is very suitable for those who desire a comfortable, comfortable travel holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and so on. Once you come to Sungai Petani, the main factor you need to consider is in terms of transportation. For those of you who come on holiday only in Sungai Petani, it is best to use the Sungai Petani car rental service to allow you to move here and there easily.


Car Rental Benefits

Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, using the Sungai Petani car rental service will help your journey without having to wait for other services such as buses, taxis and so on. You can move anywhere you want, without having to waste time & energy. You can feel your own atmosphere in Sungai Petani by going for a walk with your loved ones, family and friends along the way.


Finding the Best Car Rental

In Sungai Petani, you can get this car rental service by doing a search on Google by typing "Sungai Petani car rental" or "sg petani car rental". Will appear on the front page of Google a list of top 10, then you select the list of available car rental operators. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of car rental. Each rental car company will have its own terms and conditions although almost most of them are the same.


Enjoy Your Vacation In Sungai Petani

Car rental companies make it easy for you to choose the right car model for your trip. If you come to Sungai Petani alone, it is enough for you to rent a comfortable and fuel -efficient compact car such as axia and myvi. If you come with your family, the use of MPV is very convenient and comfortable for long distance travel. And if you come for business, you can choose a luxury rental car as an option. At this Sungai Petani car rental company, you can find various models starting with budget cars, sedans, MPVs and even luxury rental cars. You name any vehicle model, the rental car team will try to get the model of your choice at an immediate rate.


Your Comfort Our Goal

With the tagline "Your Travel Solution" our team here will try to provide the best service for every customer who comes to this Sungai Petani car rental company. Any complaints, suggestions and comments we receive to evaluate the performance of our car rental service, in preparation for further improving the quality of our car rental service. For those out there, who want to come to Sungai Petani whether for sightseeing, travel or for business purposes, who need car rental services, can call the number listed on this website.







What do I need to rent a car with Sungai Petani rental car?

At the car rental counter, you will need:

  • Identification ID
  • Valid driving license
  • Travel insurance (if any)
  • Credit / debit card
  • Other evidence such as employee ID, employer letter etc. (if necessary)


Important Note: Please make sure you check & understand the car rental terms and conditions, as each car rental company has its own terms and conditions. For example, there are companies around Sungai Petani that only accept credit card payment mode. And there are also rental car companies that only allow drivers aged 25 and above to be eligible to drive.


Where is the Sungai Petani car rental location?

Our car rental service is flexible. If you come to Sungai Petani by using the airport, we provide car rental & return services directly to the airport. This will make it easier for foreign tourists in particular. And if you are a local / Malaysian citizen, you can also come by walkin directly to the Sungai Petani car rental operation center located in the center of Sungai Petani.


I am 25 years old. Am I eligible to rent a car with Sungai Petani car rental company?

At this Sungai Petani car rental company, or any DNZ Group partner, the driver must be 25 years old and above to be eligible to drive our rental car. This is in an effort to reduce the risk on the driving experience factor, especially for tourists coming from abroad.


Can I rent a rental car for someone else / friends / family?

Yes can. Make sure the driver has the complete documents as stated above. If there are no complete documents, the representative of the Sungai Petani car rental company reserves the right to reject any of your bookings.


Is the fuel consumption of the rental car fixed or optional?

Optional. It is up to you to refuel the rental car, but make sure it is allowed such as diesel and petrol vehicles. At Sungai Petani car rental company, all our rental cars will be supplied with full fuel tanks to all our customers. And our rental car customers will return it in the same oil level condition. Please read & study the terms and conditions before booking a rental car.


Does the rental car price include all charges?

You will get it with what you pay for. There are no hidden charges imposed on our rental car customers. Rental price includes:

  • Vehicle rental
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Local taxes


While additional requests such as GPS, baby seats, additional travel insurance depend on demand. Please deal with the Sungai Petani car rental representative for more info.


What car rental options does Sungai Petani car rental company have?

We provide various types of rental vehicles including cars, 4x4s, vans and so on. For rental cars start with budget rental cars, sedans, MPVs and also luxury rental cars such as BMW, MERC, AUDI and many more. We also provide wedding packages, travel packages and so on.


My rental car had an accident. What should I do?

First of all, don't panic. Try to calm down and immediately contact the Sungai Petani car rental representative for further action. An emergency number is provided in the dashboard of each rental car. If there are any serious injuries, immediately call 999 for emergency assistance. Any kind of incident, our representative will take care of it. You as a driver authorized to drive do not have to worry about anything.


Can I cancel a rental car booking at the last minute?

Yes can. No charges will be levied on you. Don't worry, our service is to make your trip easier. If there is a cancellation of the reservation, just inform us only.